Foodservice Menus

Crack open the smart menu upgrade—pasteurized eggs!

Prepare for high-profit, high-appeal impact on your foodservice menu with Davidson's Safest Choice® pasteurized shell eggs.

On-trend menu concepts

Davidson's pasteurized eggs create exciting upselling opportunities and deliver on-trend consumer demand for high-protein and vegetarian menu options for your foodservice operation. And, as a low-cost protein ingredient, eggs beat out seafood, beef, pork, poultry, real cheese, and other protein options for plate-cost efficiencies.

Use fresh eggs fearlessly in your foodservice menus

Successful quick-service restaurant (QSR), fast casual restaurant, C&U, and healthcare foodservice operators crack Davidson's pasteurized eggs to safely serve customers the foods they crave, while reducing the risk of Salmonella contamination. Count on the real shell egg taste and food safety assurance of Davidson's to deliver satisfying menu quality while helping to ensure regulatory compliance.

Pasteurized eggs deliver a breakfast boost

Breakfast is booming in all arenas of foodservice menus, and so are grab’n’go menus.

Hot sandwiches, egg-based entrees and combo meals can all fit the bill. A Breakfast Consumer Trend Report from Technomic indicates that sales in the breakfast daypart are on the rise. Why? Because of consumers’ increasingly fast-paced lifestyles, growing interest in morning fare at nontraditional times, and extended all-day breakfast programs.

Want to tap into the breakfast opportunity and maximize profits? Here are some ideas from Technomic:

  • Affordable, lighter options and convenient solutions can broaden appeal among consumers who skip breakfast.
  • Breakfast items marketed as snacks may drive incremental fare between breakfast and dinner.
  • Vegetables show room for growth on breakfast menu.

For profitable menu ideas, visit the Davidson’s Safest Choice blog: How Can Davidson's Safest Choice® Pasteurized Shell Eggs Help You Drive Breakfast Revenues?

Eggs on burgers – a bold burger statement

Burgers are made better with fresh, pasteurized shell eggs, which add culinary surprise, rich flavor and voluptuous mouthfeel to gourmet burgers and sandwich builds.

Fried eggs on burgers represent one of today's sizzling menu trends, topping off upscale sandwiches on menus across the country.

Egg safety: good to know

Our patented egg pasteurization process reduces the risk of Salmonella in your shell eggs, with pasteurized eggs that look, cook, and taste like farm-fresh eggs.