Pasteurized Eggs: Shell or Liquid?

Davidson's Safest Choice® pasteurized shell eggs outperform liquid eggs.

Liquid eggs are also pasteurized, and are thus safe for many applications in place of regular eggs. However, liquid eggs do not afford the versatility pasteurized shell eggs offer.

Many culinary techniques just won't work with liquid eggs. And of course, the processing liquid eggs go through changes the flavor significantly. Pasteurized shell eggs taste great and are a perfect culinary option when you can't compromise a recipe that calls for real eggs. Pasteurized shell eggs are also a simplified and exact measure, as many foodservice recipes call for eggs by count, not ounces or cups of eggs. And of course they are the perfect solution for egg safety.

Liquid Eggs can’t compete with Davidson's pasteurized eggs for delivering culinary performance and a superior meal experience! Here's why:

  • Liquid eggs are pasteurized at high temperatures, which change their individual flavor and texture.
  • Yolks and whites are combined, which causes loss of their individual flavor characteristics.
  • Most liquid eggs have citric acid and other additives, which change flavor and performance.

Egg replacers vs. pasteurized shell eggs

Another egg ingredient option hitting the foodservice market today is egg replacers. It is technically not possible to replace the functional and culinary attributes of shell eggs—not to mention the clean-label advantages of a pasteurized shell egg. Learn more in the Davidson's Safest Choice blog post about egg replacers for foodservice operations.

Pasteurized shell eggs: taste and performance

Having earned the ACF Seal of Approval for culinary performance, Davidson's pasteurized eggs are the safe shell egg option. What’s more:

  • Davidson's pasteurized eggs provide authentic, unprocessed egg flavor and texture.
  • Davidson's pasteurized eggs enhance menu variety using popular fried or soft-boiled formats to upgrade dishes.

Comparison between pasteurized shell eggs & pasteurized liquid eggs

You'll never get fresh egg flavor out of a carton™.