Smart Business

Davidson's Safest Choice® pasteurized shell eggs—good for your business

Across all foodservice segments, eggs are on the menu—at all times of day. And that's great news for your bottom line. According to Certified Executive Chef and Certified Master Foodservice Executive John Biswanger, “Fresh eggs are the cheapest entrée you can prepare—with the best margins.” Davidson's Safest Choice pasteurized shell eggs are low food cost, easy to prepare, and in high demand by foodservice guests everywhere.

All-day breakfast, all-day profit

With customers seeking breakfast fare for lunch and dinner, your foodservice operation can reap the benefits of eggs' high profit margin all day. Our kitchen cheat sheet for classic egg favorites is a handy reference for your staff. Old standbys such as soft scrambled eggs and omelets can form the basis for an unlimited number of culinary creations for breakfast and beyond.

Eggs’ low food cost and low labor cost to prepare make dishes like omelets consistent performers on your foodservice menu.

Upscale entrées at favorable food cost

A few premium ingredients can turn an everyday egg entrée into a new experience for your guests. Try this Alaskan Caesar salad with smoked salmon for an upscale take on a classic. Turn an ordinary crab cake into a masterpiece with our crab cake benedict recipe (and see our recipe for the perfect from-scratch hollandaise sauce).

Additionally, this culinary cheat sheet for upscale egg preparations can help your kitchen staff prepare interesting egg recipes while maintaining those high profit margins.

Protect your reputation and your profits

Davidson's pasteurized eggs give you all of the versatility and profitability of shell eggs while reducing the risk of Salmonella. Pasteurized shell eggs simplify your food safety procedures and protect your reputation. The Davidson's Safest Choice is also just smart business.

A Recipe for Revenue

Today, everyone is tapping into the breakfast edge, leveraging the morning meal's appeal to generate revenue. Quick prep and broad popularity are just two reasons breakfast fare is finding its way onto all-day foodservice menus as well. Read more in the Davidson's Safest Choice® Foodservice blog >