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Pasteurized Shell Eggs for Foodservice


Finger Food Menu Planning for Cognitive Care

There’s good news for cognitive care foodservice menu planners. Finger food menu planning just got a whole lot easier—and nutritious. Holistic care for your cognitive care patients requires more than just the typical collection of finger foods such as sandwiches and chicken nuggets. That’s why Chicken of the Sea® and Davidson’s Safest Choice® have partnered to develop a finger foods recipe collection that is nutrient dense and flavor packed.

Eggs + Seafood = Nutritious Meals

Davidson’s™ eggs provide protein, iron, vitamins A, D, and E, riboflavin, phosphorous, and choline to keep your patients full and energized longer. Chicken of the Sea® salmon and tuna products provide protein, B vitamins, vitamin D, phosphorous, and selenium, along with marine omega-3s that can help prevent cognitive decline. Together, they offer sound nutritional building blocks for your healthy menus.


Menu Solutions for Cognitive Care

A finger food diet provides dignity and independence for your cognitive care patients. We’ve developed a collection of recipes that feature targeted benefits and afford flexibility and independence in dining. Each recipe can be easily adapted to your finger food menu and deliver big flavor without sacrificing nutrition. Two of the recipes—tuna deviled eggs and salmon quiche—were rated in the top five favorites among tests with seniors in longterm care. Download our Finger Foods Recipe Collection to explore recipe options perfectly suited for your finger food menu.

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