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Millennials Choose Eggs

What’s for breakfast? According to Darren Seifer of the NPD Group, Millennials (born 1980-2000) are re-defining “convenience”. They shy away from heat-and-serve breakfast options. Instead, he says, “…they want to have a hand in the production of the food.”

Seifer adds, “Younger generations will be gravitating toward more involved foods at breakfast time. These groups are predicted to prepare eggs, bacon, and pancakes more often in the morning.”

Millennials: what time is breakfast?

Marketing Daily tells us that breakfast can be any time of day for Millennials. They may skip a traditional breakfast and eat breakfast foods as an afternoon snack. “For restaurant operators, this means that offering breakfast foods during lunch, dinner or snack times may drive Millennial consumption,” notes the article. And enticing menu trends for Millennials include healthy and ethnically-inspired dishes (see our ethnic menus page).

Egg trends for Millennial breakfast menus

Another breakfast menu theme for Millennials, says Marketing Daily, is “elevated comfort foods,” which means premium versions of traditional breakfast foods such as waffles. Want to shake up the menu? Extremes in sizes have appeal, too. Try the mini or the mega egg sandwich.

A breakfast food trend spanning generations, notes Marketing Daily, is the “’premiumization’ of breakfast items (for example, using premium cheeses like fontina and aged cheddar).” Our grab ‘n’ go menus page offers up some additional research confirming this trend.

The Millennial Marketing website describes Millennials as the “tastemakers”. They’re “thrill-seekers” who enjoy culinary extremes and thrive on build-it-yourself foods, they say. Other characteristics of Millennials: It’s cool to be a foodie. Social responsibility plays into food choices, too.

Food Navigator reports that eggs at breakfast are more on target than ever, yet how foodservice operators serve them is changing. Trendy examples of new breakfast items include poached eggs with curried lentils, salmon latke eggs benedict, shirred eggs with vegetables and dates, and scrambled eggs with ratatouille.


Are your Millennial guests choosing eggs?

For foodservice menu inspiration sure to please the Millennial palate, try some adventurous recipes using Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs:

What’s on your Millennial menu?

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