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November 2016
Salad bars & healthy eating

Salad bars & healthy eating

How do you get students to eat their fruits and vegetables? New research suggests a salad bar is the best solution, according to

The Pew Charitable Trusts study found that 64% of students ate more produce when offered a salad bar compared to 33% who ate the same amount.

Looking to increase protein options on your salad bar? At 70 calories and 6g protein each, hard-boiled eggs make a perfect addition to any salad bar—and they're an economical ingredient that won't break the budget!

2017 Restaurant food trends

The year is coming to a close which means it's time to look to 2017. What's expected to be on trend next year? According to, Baum + Whiteman, a food and restaurant consulting firm, expects the following to be the big trends in 2017:

  • Center-of-the-plate vegetables
  • Creative breakfast tacos, such as our walking taco recipe
  • Carrot greens, beet greens, and mustard greens
  • Innovative ice cream, such as freakshakes

Want ideas for how to incorporate these trends on your foodservice menu? Try combining them with eggs. Eggs are versatile which means they can be enjoyed any time of day. Add them to vegetables for a nice protein kick or whip up a batch of creamy custard-based ice cream. Get recipe ideas at

Adding a little eggnog to breakfast

The holidays always bring the thought of rich, creamy eggnog to mind. Why not try something a little different this year? Your customers will love this twist on a standard oatmeal breakfast.

Whether served cold or hot, our overnight eggnog oats will give your customers a hearty mix of rich flavor and seasonal spices. Best of all, the hands on time is only 5 minutes! Whip this up for your customers and it's sure to become a new holiday tradition.

Overnight Eggnog Oats Recipe

GMO labeling: What's the impact?

Just what is the consensus on GMO labeling? According to, a study by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) suggests that Americans have mixed feelings about GMO labeling.

The IFIC found that GMO labeling does play a role in the restaurants consumers choose to frequent. The study suggests that 14% of American consumers dine at restaurants because they advertised their food and beverages as non-GMO.

Building customer relationships—what not to say

Building rapport and relationships with customers is important. There are, however, some topics that are not appropriate to discuss, according to Here are a few topics to avoid:

  • Talking poorly about co-workers or management
  • Discussing compensation
  • Divulging confidential information

Discussing issues that customers shouldn't know about can potentially paint a negative image of your and your foodservice operation. Says article author, Michelle McGovern, “If you’re ever questioning whether something’s a safe subject to discuss, consider this: How would it look trending with the company name on Twitter? If what you’re about to say would go viral for the wrong reasons, zip it.”

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