Cage Free Pasteurized Eggs

Davidson's Safest Choice® pasteurized shell eggs are available cage free.

Cage free hens living indoors are also known as free-roaming hens. Cage free systems offer shelter that helps protect hens against predators; and provide open floor space, nest space, and perches.

Salmonella is also found in eggs from cage free hens, so Davidson's offers Cage Free Pasteurized Shell Eggs. Cage Free Hard-Boiled Eggs also available.

Cage Free and Certified Humane® Eggs

Davidson's Safest Choice Cage Free Eggs are from farms approved as Certified Humane®. These Cage Free egg farms meet animal welfare standards of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Combining the best features of food safety and the values of animal rights, Davidson's helps you earn the confidence and loyalty of your customers and guests.

For more Information about Egg Production Systems, see the Egg Production Systems backgrounder (PDF) >

Summer Salad: Put an Egg on It

The menu-success question of the month is two-fold:
1. What salad are you featuring on your summer menu this year?
2. Have you put an egg on it?

A fried egg or poached egg not only adds a luscious dimension to your salad's flavor and texture, now we know an egg on a salad gives your menu feature a nutritional boost, too. Read more in the Davidson's Safest Choice® Foodservice blog >