Ready-to-Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs

Give customers the comfort food they crave with Davidson's Safest Choice® Hard-Boiled Eggs.

Discover convenience and cost savings! Great as a protein-packed snack or a healthy addition to sandwiches or salads, Davidson's Safest Choice Hard-Boiled Eggs reward your customers with a tasty treat – and improve your foodservice budget with lower labor costs.

Davidson's Safest Choice Hard-Boiled Eggs are peeled and ready to eat—no preparation required!

Davidson's Safest Choice Bulk Twelve (2X6) Pack Hard-Boiled Eggs

  • Add farm-fresh, wholesome flavor to your meals
  • Supply a simple recipe ingredient that upgrades menu items
  • Ready to Eat Hard-Boiled Egg Bulk Pack
  • Enable perfect portion control
  • Work great on salad bars, in sandwiches, or for deviled eggs, egg salads, casseroles, and garnishes


Davidson's Safest Choice Twin Pack Hard-Boiled EggsReady to Eat Hard-Boiled Egg Twin Pack

  • Offers convenience for busy students, grab 'n' go customers, and more
  • Provides a satisfying snack with only 70 calories
  • Expands menu selection during all day-parts




Millenials Choose Eggs

What's for breakfast? According to Darren Seifer of the NPD Group, Millennials (born 1980-2000) are re-defining "convenience". They shy away from heat-and-serve breakfast options. Read more in the Davidson's Safest Choice® Foodservice blog >

CDC "Cracks Down" on Unpasteurized Eggs in Restaurants

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently conducted a study to analyze how restaurants handle risk management and egg safety. And it's advising foodservice sanitation inspectors to pay close attention to egg storage and preparation practices in food service. Read more in the Davidson's Safest Choice® Foodservice blog >