Grab ‘n’ Go Menus

According to Technomic’s “The Breakfast Consumer Trend Report,” 37% of consumers who skip breakfast do so because of lack of time. While 63% agree that skipping breakfast is unhealthy, only 26% report actually eating the morning meal every day.

No time for breakfast? Grab ‘n’ go!

How do you reach a segment that wants to eat breakfast more than it regularly does? Consumers want breakfast options that are healthy, fulfilling, but above all—convenient. This is why portability is a consistent driver in breakfast sales for foodservice operations.

According to Food Business News, consumers’ desire to balance healthy eating habits with hectic mornings “drives the need for portable breakfast options that also provide some nutrition so consumers can feel good about starting the day right with fast and easy choices.”

Foodservice recipes to grab ‘n’ go

Davidson's Safest Choice® pasteurized shell eggs can help you bring convenient, but filling offerings to your grab ‘n’ go foodservice menu. According to FoodService Director, “Consumers seem to want heartier breakfast items to last them through the morning—or even as a lunchtime replacement.” Our steak, egg, and bleu cheese slider has the portability, flavor, and high-protein content to make an attractive, out-of-the-ordinary breakfast or lunch menu option for your foodservice customers on the go.

Nation’s Restaurant News reports that grab ‘n’ go standbys like breakfast burritos continue to be hot on foodservice menus. Menu items like this fiesta egg burrito are perennial favorites because they offer your customers something “portable, flavorful, a little exotic but not intimidating.”

Millennials want convenient, upscale, healthy

Food Business News identifies another trend, saying, “Using upscale meats and cheeses can add interest to” grab ‘n’ go breakfast sandwiches. It continues: “Paired with artisan sandwich breads, these trendy breakfast sandwiches can grab the attention of consumers, particularly millennials, looking for something different but still convenient and healthy.” This prosciutto provolone supremo breakfast sandwich is a perfect fit, with meat and cheese off the beaten bacon/cheddar path on ciabatta bread.

Technomic’s November 2015 edition of ConcepTrac™ tells of Denny’s restaurants’ new twist on their traditional diner-style breakfast fare, The Den. Targeting younger consumers, and situated mainly on or near college campuses and military bases, it offers handheld breakfast items like breakfast melts on brioche buns, in addition to 100% beef burgers and street food-style tacos.

All of your grab ‘n’ go foodservice menu offerings are better with fresh-cracked eggs. Use Davidson's pasteurized eggs to help keep your customers safe when they grab ‘n’ go!