Healthcare Room Service

Healthcare foodservice operators choose Davidson's Safest Choice® pasteurized shell eggs for their remarkable adaptability to healthcare initiatives such as room service.

Davidson's Safest Choice pasteurized shell eggs deliver exceptional menu versatility with all the benefits of high-quality nutrition, backed by the ACF Seal of Approval for culinary performance.

Hospital room service

Step aside, meat and potatoes! In hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, eggs are in high demand on patient menus. Maybe it’s because of their versatile, quick-prep qualities. Maybe it is because eggs are a complete protein and a miracle of nutrition. Maybe it’s because eggs are the ultimate comfort food.

Chef John Biswanger, Director – Food & Nutrition Services at Lakeland Regional Medical Center (Lakeland, FL) believes Davidson's pasteurized eggs are a winner for hospital room service, saying, “Especially for a first meal after being NPO, most patients don’t want meatloaf and potatoes.” In fact, patients are asking for eggs at all times of day, so much so that eggs represent 7% of room service orders.

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CDC "Cracks Down" on Unpasteurized Eggs in Restaurants

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